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This website is supposed to be part portfolio, part rambling space. A place where I’ll try show my skills and projects, and also brag about them as much as possible. Because it’s my website right? I’m allowed to do that!

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Lunar is a macOS app that brings adaptive brightness to your external monitors.

It uses the DDC communication protocol to set the brightness and contrast of the monitor based on the ambient light, location, external sensors or simply by using hotkeys.

It can also adjust the monitor volume, switch to a different input or turn off the monitor.


The low-tech guys

The low-tech guys is a small app studio project that I started with two very good friends.

Our focus is on useful macOS and web applications that have a single functionality done well.

The low-tech guys


Noiseblend is a web app for discovering music on Spotify based on your listening history.

It gives you an interface to the lesser known Spotify features like multiple-artist radio, genre playlists refreshed weekly and tuneable attributes like Acousticness or Danceability.


About me

Image of Alin Panaitiu

Hi, I'm Alin Panaitiu

Living in

Brașov, Romania

Writing in

Crystal, Swift, Python

Working on

  • A little app studio called low tech guys icon The low-tech guys
  • Making Lunar Icon Lunar the defacto app for controlling external monitors
  • Documenting and open sourcing my work in a more consistent manner

Learning about

  • Modern programming languages like Crystal, Nim and Zig
  • Embedded programming using Rust and STM32
  • Reverse engineering PCBs and simple circuits
  • Playing whatever instruments I can get my hands on
    • Right now I’m juggling between piano, Romanian kaval, harmonica, classical guitar and ukulele

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